What is Gentle Teaching?

Gentle Teaching started as a technique for working with children with autism and blossomed into a philosophy to support persons with all types of disabilities.  Gentle Teaching helps individuals feel safe and affirmed, so in return they affirm others and develop and maintain meaningful relationships. MOKA adopted this Gentle Teaching approach created by Dr. John McGee and the decision has benefited our treatment approach and changed our entire nonprofit culture.  Gentle Teaching strengthens the relationships we have with the individuals who choose us for services, parents, guardians, representatives of our funding agencies, and the relationships we have with each other internally.

If you or your family member receives services from MOKA or are considering MOKA for services, watch this 5 minute Gentle Teaching video clip to learn more.

Coming Home: Gentle Teaching Journey from MOKA on Vimeo.

Want to know more about Gentle Teaching?

This article highlights MOKA’s 2 day employee Gentle Teaching training. Gentle Teaching is more than training; Gentle Teaching is MOKA’s philosophy! Click here to read the article.

To schedule a group presentation and/or a showing of the Coming Home: Gentle Teaching Journey video contact Thomas Zmolek, Interim Development Director at 800-644-2434 or tzmolek@moka.org.

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