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Care coordination is critical to individual success, and individuals who are eligible for services receive support from a supports coordinator. This connects them to needed medical, psychological, ancillary, and other community services. In many of the counties where MOKA provides services, supports coordination and enhanced healthcare is provided by staff members of the local county community mental health. In Kent County, MOKA staff provide this service directly.

We assist individuals using a person-centered planning process. We honor their choices and strengths, prioritizing and customizing an array of services to best meet their specific needs.

Individuals eligible for covered mental health services have a choice. They can receive those services in the traditional manner or choose to self-direct services. Individuals wanting to live a more self-determined life may choose to self-direct mental health services as one way to take more control and responsibility for mental health services.

Whether choosing traditional services or self-directing mental health services, a Supports Coordinator completes a comprehensive assessment to determine the services you are eligible for. We will then assist you with the selection and authorization for the services identified in your person-centered plan. Eligibility for Enhanced Health Care services is also determined from the comprehensive assessment completed by your Supports Coordinator with input from you, and if you desire, a designated representative. Enhanced Health Care may include clinical support services such as nursing, dietary, psychological, psychiatric, individual or group therapy, and speech and language interventions.

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For information, contact DeeAnn Hands, Clinical Coordinator at (800)-644-2434 ext. 513 or email

Supports Coordination
Clyde Park Avenue SW
Wyoming, MI 49509

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