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MOKA’s Youth Autism Program in Kent County provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for children and young adults, ages 0-21 with Autism Spectrum Disorder. ABA is an evidence-based approach to creating meaningful and socially significant behavior change.  New skills and positive behaviors are taught while less desired behaviors are minimized. Whether the child or young adult is seen in a clinical setting, home environment, or in the community, the focus is always on teaching new skills that allow the child to gain access to new opportunities, people, and places. Each person has an individualized ABA treatment plan, developed to help them learn and develop.

Areas that we work on include (but are not limited to):

-Language and Functional Communication: Communicating needs/wants to others.
-Play: Playing alone and with others without assistance.
-Social Skills: Interacting with others.
-Imitation: Imitating behaviors or vocalizations of others.
-Gross/Fine Motor Skills: Control over balance and body movement.
-Listener Responding: Attending and responding to spoken words.
-Visual/Perceptual Skills: Interpreting things he/she sees visually.
-Self-care Skills: Skills such as dressing, grooming, feeding, toilet training.

What to Expect

1:1 Programming
MOKA provides 1:1 ABA therapy in a variety of settings including a MOKA ABA clinic, a child or young adult’s home or the community.  Each child has 1:1 sessions with a Youth Autism Specialist (YAS) based upon his or her treatment plan developed in partnership between the family, child and the BCBA or other qualified clinician.

Parent Training
All MOKA ABA services include a component of parent training, a vital and required part of treatment. For ABA therapy to have lasting effects, parents must assist the child by bringing the skills he or she learns during treatment to other environments, especially the home and community. This may include making changes to the physical environment, supporting changes in the way family members interact with the child, and practicing and rewarding skills learned.  To support parents in best supporting their child, parents of the child receiving services will be provided with parent education and training related to their child’s individualized programming.  This is also an important way that the clinician can learn from the family what is and is not working well.  We encourage the participation of any significant caregiver or family member in addition to the parent(s).

Access to the Youth Autism Program

There are several steps that are required to start ABA therapy, many of which are repeated on an annual or semi-annual basis.  The first step is assessing the child’s skills and needs.  This is done through both parent/caregiver interviews, direct observation and testing.  Once the assessments are complete, the clinician will develop an individualized treatment plan, incorporating the child and family’s goals.  The individualized treatment plan will focus on building skills important to the child and family. The treatment plan is then submitted to your insurance company or CMH funder for approval and authorization.  Following receipt of authorization, MOKA will start providing 1:1 ABA therapy which is provided by our qualified Youth Autism Specialist.  The Youth Autism Specialists are trained in the principals of ABA and receive individualized training based specifically on the child’s treatment plan.  To ensure ABA therapy is being provided in the most clinically productive manner, the clinician working with the child will directly observe treatment a minimum of 1 hour for every 10 hours of treatment.  The clinician will monitor the child’s progress through regular review of the data collected during treatment and will adjust the treatment plan to follow the child’s development.

MOKA currently accepts the following insurances: Medicaid and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Those interested in our ABA Autism Program can contact us directly with questions.

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