Our Mission

Creating opportunities for independence and acceptance in our communities by supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in making choices, building relationships, sharing places, developing skills, enhancing reputations, and contributing back.

Core Values

Respect: We are committed to creating and sustaining an environment where all are welcomed, recognized, and valued.
Honesty: We hold ourselves to high standards of accuracy, accountability, transparency, and truthfulness in our work, with one another, the people we serve, and our community partners.
Passion: We approach every person, every interaction, every task, every challenge, and every opportunity with purpose, pride, and a positive attitude to pursue excellent service.
Inclusion: We value and celebrate the uniqueness of people and cultures, recognizing that experiences, beliefs, and values of each individual contribute to the strength of the whole.
Creativity: We encourage lifelong learning and support innovative ways to find solutions through possibilities others have not seen.
Resilience: Aware of our own limits and need for self-renewal, we remain open to learning, hopeful about the future, generous with others, and strong in the face of challenges.

Our Vision

Our vision for our community is that all people are included. An inclusive community recognizes every person for their unique strengths and abilities. In that same vein, we derive our tagline”See the Individual in Everyone,” and carry out our simple mission statement.

  • Making Choices: Every day choices you and I take for granted.
  • Building Relationships: Within the community.
  • Sharing Places: Places in the community you and I go every day.
  • Developing Skills: Functional skills needed to live successfully in our communities.
  • Enhancing Reputations: Gaining social acceptance from all members of the community.
  • Contributing Back: Giving something back to the community by working, volunteering, or helping others.