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As an organization, we continue to learn from the people we serve and other stakeholders in order to create a meaningful impact on those served and our community. By gathering input that is analyzed by various teams, MOKA works to continuously improve our quality of services, create and adjust programs, strengthen agency processes, inform the strategic planning process, optimize the way we engage stakeholders and improve outcomes for people served.

We gather input from stakeholders using surveys, focus groups and evidence-based tools. The formation of MOKA’s IMPact Committee (Improving through Action) has given us a forum to analyze the data and input received with a diverse group of employees with the goal of improving our program evaluation and service delivery.

Using logic models, a tool that incorporates program activities, implementation and evaluation, we have identified a number of outcomes that positively influence the quality of life for the people we support such as an increase in communication, community inclusion and engagement, job obtainment, access to healthcare resources, and decrease in loneliness.

One such example of increasing communication and engagement and decreasing loneliness comes from MOKA’s Telehealth program. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and MOKA saw extended closures in some of our programs, we responded by launching a Telehealth program that allowed the people we serve to attend programming virtually. Telehealth was an instrumental tool in allowing the people we serve to engage and connect with one another, decreasing the isolation and loneliness many have felt throughout the pandemic. The Telehealth sessions empowered the people we serve to become more tech-savvy, make new friendships and participate in sessions related to life and job skills. You can read more about the successful outcomes from the Telehealth program here.