Our Culture


Culture of Gentleness


We see our primary role in each individual’s life is to serve as a navigator, helping each make critical life decisions which empower and support independence, healthy relationships and self-sufficiency. To the greatest extent possible, we believe every individual should make their own life choices. It’s important we focus not so much on an individual’s disability as the unique abilities and characteristic they possess and build upon strengths.

A Culture of Respect

The starting point for MOKA’s culture is the high respect and regard we have for every individual. This includes not simply the children and adults we serve, but everyone. We understand clearly if we want the individuals we serve to be treated well and with great respect, it is critical we show this same level of regard for those we employ to carry out our mission.

John F. Kennedy, Jr., who was a strong advocate for individuals with disabilities once said, “Quality is defined at the point of interaction between the staff member and the individual with a disability.”  We strongly believe in this statement in that our entire quality of service and reputation as an agency rests on the relationships built between our front line direct support professionals.  We work diligently to ensure that all of our employees understand their noble role in the lives of those whom they directly support and receive the proper amount and quality of support to carry out their role.

Our culture of respect grew out of a culture of gentleness developed by the late Dr. John McGee. This philosophy, which we adopted several years earlier, resulted in a foundational shift in our approach and culture.

Our culture of respect permeates every interaction with every relationship, so much so that guests and visitors often remark, “It’s different here, in a good way”