What if you had to save for months to buy a pair of shoes or a bus pass? People with disabilities are allocated as little as $14-$40/month for the essentials. That's where you come in!

Join The Essentials and empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities every month.

The Essentials Are Who Keep Us Going

Our group of monthly givers, The Essentials, is comprised of people like you, who know that change for the world begins with change in the community. You know, like we do, that every person deserves the opportunity to live an independent, empowered life.

And as a part of The Essentials, you can make that happen each month!

1978. The year it all started.

The founders of MOKA knew their loved ones, who were diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities, needed better than the institutions they were living in.

So they came together to find the best solution possible — bringing their loved ones home.

In the years since, MOKA has continued to expand our reach. And we work to empower the people we serve by creating opportunities for independence and acceptance in our communities.

When you join The Essentials, your monthly donation gives the people we serve what they need to live successfully in the community. From helping the people we support find jobs to sponsoring them in creative workshops so they can find ways to live abundantly, your donations showcase how you see the individual in everyone!

The small things we take for granted each day aren’t so little to the people in our MOKA community. 

From shoes that meet the needs of people with diabetes…

…To finding sustainable jobs that allow people to be independent…

The essentials are just as necessary for the people we serve as they are for you and I. 

That’s why every monthly donation is allocated to the program that needs it most at the time. But you can rest assured that your donation always directly supports the people of MOKA and programs like: 

MOKA’s Residential Homes Program

which offers adult foster care services through gentle, person-centered care.

MOKA’s Community Supports Program

to assist the people we serve in meeting specific goals, like finding employment or developing life skills.

Here’s What’s Already Happening In Your MOKA Community!

Your monthly donations go toward making sure the people we serve continue to get the utmost care and support every day!

As a member of The Essentials, you’re a part of the MOKA community, too!

And giving has never been easier thanks to our monthly program. Simply click the button below and select your monthly gift amount. 

Your donation will be processed automatically each month, so you never have to worry about writing out and mailing in checks!

You can edit or cancel your membership at any time.