Employment Services

Empowerment. Made possible.

MOKA’s Jobs Program provides support for adults (18 years and older) with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Muskegon, Kent and Ottawa Counties, who are motivated to be employed.

Within our Jobs Program, we work with people in different stages of job readiness through two different services.

MOKA’s Skill Building Services will support people as they work toward employment preparedness.  Supports include but are not limited to building a resume, practicing interview skills, developing your work habits for a successful transition to employment, and learning how to use public transportation.

MOKA’s Supportive Employment Services are centered on a relationship – based employment model. This means that the MOKA support team knows each person, including their strengths and challenges, and uses this knowledge to provide person-centered support for success in employment. MOKA job coaches will work with each person to identify their strengths, skill sets, and job readiness in pursuit of employment.  We also work with employers to find or carve out a job match that aligns with the strengths of each person. Once a person has found the right job fit, MOKA’s Jobs Program will provide job development, job coaching and ongoing supports as necessary for you to maintain employment.

Access to the Jobs Program

Those interested in our Jobs Program can contact us directly with questions.

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