Success Stories


Success. Made possible.

At MOKA, we measure success individually.  Each person determines their personal goals based on their own dreams
and desires for the future.  MOKA is proud to have played a part in the illustrative stories below.

Voter Engagement Training Equips Voters with Confidence

By hosting Voter Engagement Trainings, Peer Mentor Brooke Fuller aimed to educate and empower people supported by MOKA to participate in the voting process.

From Endeavors to Employment: Becky’s Confidence Soars

Becky wanted a job to challenge and improve herself. Through skills acquired in MOKA’s Group Community Living Supports and at volunteer sites, she gained the confidence to go for it and found a job last summer through MOKA’s Employment Services program.

Drew’s Journey to Independence

Drew saw his confidence take off after finding a job that aligns with his skills and interests, and now he hopes to one day live independently.

31 years of Heart and Service: Meet Constance

After working in MOKA’s residential homes for 31 years, Constance Woodfork finds fulfillment in her role by providing assistance and care to people living in the home while bringing joy and smiles to their faces through activities, outings, and a positive attitude.

Serving Up Customized Meals for Healthier Living

People living in MOKA’s Residential Homes are enjoying healthier meals and improved health outcomes through the use of a customized dietary service, which offers personalized menu options that address dietary needs and preferences, while also providing educational resources and incentives.