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The MOKA Foundation was created to fulfill the MOKA Board of Directors’ desire to deepen and expand their commitment to children and adults with disabilities. It was their vision that the Foundation would act as vehicle for you and others in the community to support MOKA through sharing your time or financial resources.  By making a monetary donation through the MOKA website or by mailing a check to our physical offices or residential homes your contributions aid the organization in expanding its support to the individuals we are honored to serve. Funding through the MOKA Foundation works to meet needs not met through traditional funding sources. This includes empowering initiatives that get persons served out into the community with things like State Park passes, zoo memberships, enrolment fees for art classes, or funding for partnerships with organizations like The Diatribe. Life-changing and memory-making experiences that individuals would not be able to have without the generosity of donors like you.

You can support our mission in several ways through the MOKA Foundation. Our current initiatives include:

The Empowerment Fund

The Empowerment Fund, through its Governing Committee, provides “mini-grants” of up to $750 in response to grant requests from persons served or their support staff. All requests must demonstrate that if funded, granting their request will empower individuals to meet a personal goal such as the successful acquisition of a job, building relationships in the community, or supporting change that will lead to further independence in their life.

Donor Directed Program Gifts

Donor-directed gifts are pivotal to the empowerment of individuals and their programs. These donor-directed gifts are placed into designated funds managed by the Foundation to support the various parts of our organization; including a fund for each individual residential home, each county’s Community Supports Program, and the ABA Autism program. The MOKA Foundation respects the designations of gifts and ensures that donors are able to choose where they would like to designate their gift directly on the MOKA donation page.

Seed Funding for Capital Projects

Seed funding is essential to raising funds for unfunded housing and all associated costs, whether we are buying a new home or updating one of our existing properties.

Professional Development

The people supported by MOKA employees require and deserve a high level of competency.  MOKA prides itself on the development of competent, caring team members and does an excellent job of placing emphasis on lifelong learning.  This focus on culture and development of leaders has been critical to our success.  Of course, government funding sources only go so far and your support to the MOKA Foundation will allow us to continue our efforts in developing a “culture of gentleness,” “strengthening the resilience of caregivers, and developing “leaders at every level” of the agency.

“Joining the team has really helped me as a leader gain more skills and understanding of my staff and those around me especially relating to trauma, grief and how to help them thru tough times.  In addition, outside of work, I can apply many of the same skills and principles with working my family, friends, everyday encounters, etc.  It has truly helped me more universally than just work to have a better understanding of how trauma can affect people and their reactions to situations. I can see how this has worked at least for me personally because as of right now the turnover in the two homes I work with have been low.  I have had the same core staff and Assistant Home Supervisor (formally RPA) for roughly 4- 5 years when I began trying to incorporate the trauma-informed care aspect into my daily leadership practice with my teams.  As much as there are outside factors that affect that too, I do believe some of it is due to trying to use the trauma-informed care and practices I have gained from the numerous trainings.”

Jessica Pressley, Home Supervisor


CARF accreditation demonstrates MOKA’s quality, accountability, and commitment to the satisfaction of the persons served. For more information on CARF, visit www.carf.org

Make a Gift

You can make someone’s future brighter with the simple click of a button. Whether it is by providing a person the opportunity of inclusion in the community, supporting a person on their journey to employment, or helping someone with disabilities reach their full potential, your gift changes lives. Give the gift of a brighter future.