Past Success Stories


Success. Made possible.

At MOKA, we measure success individually.  Each person determines their personal goals based on their own dreams and desires for the future.
Below are the many stories we are proud to have helped build over the years.

Keli’s Health Journey Serves as an Inspiration

Keli is a shining example of the benefits of early intervention and prevention of diabetes. When Keli started on her health journey to reverse prediabetes, she weighed over 200 pounds, felt fatigued when she walked and often felt hungry even after meals.

Early Intervention Leads to Success

At just 4 years old, twins Marwah and Safa are showing remarkable progress in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. Each twin’s session is guided by an individualized Behavior Analysis Plan that takes into account their goals and needs.

Stability & Flexibility with help of MOKA’s Supported Employment program

David was already in MOKA’s Community Living Supports when he joined the Supported Employment program seeking help with his job search. He found full-time employment in the deli department at D&W Fresh Market and worked throughout the pandemic.

MOKA launches Telehealth sessions

Telehealth was launched in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and extended closures, and MOKA’s Community Supports program responded by offering virtual programming into 2021. Participant Mei finds comfort, calm, and connection in the daily sessions held via Zoom, especially the guided meditation.

MOKA has been Dyson’s ‘go-to’

Motivated by toy cars and trucks, and walks outside when the weather is nice, Dyson’s progress in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy has been nothing short of amazing.

Opening Opportunities

Jaicarri wanted more than days spent playing video games or going to the movies. After excelling in MOKA’s Skill Building Program, Jaicarri realized he was ready for more too.

‘Living a new life’

Supporting Marie through her surgery was truly a team effort, one that involved encouragement, empathy, and some TLC.

Technology Reinforces Independence

Going outside to enjoy the songbirds has become a daily routine for Stephanie, made possible, in part, due to the use of a wireless monitoring system.

From Downhill to Uphill

Self-proclaimed “cowgirls,” 18-year-old Kayetlyn and her Community Supports mentor, Cynthia Foote, have formed a tight bond over the last six years.

He Deserves Every Bit of It

It can be difficult to see your child leave home to live independently, but for Eddie’s mother, Kathie, it was something for which she had always planned.

Exercise Leads to Inclusion

Astacia stopped in her tracks at the YMCA and peered through the glass into a room with women dancing. “She looked in there and said ‘I can do that.”

Connor Races for the Win

It was an afternoon of wins as Connor switched from putting together a rainbow track to putting it away, grabbing Alie’s hand and riding the elevator.