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Home to be retrofitted with technology for MOKA's innovative Pilot Project


We are excited to announce that MOKA is piloting an innovative model for residential living that incorporates technology enabled supports with direct support professionals to create a Smart Home. In other states, this model has demonstrated the capacity to increase independence for adults with disabilities as well as illustrates a more effective utilization of direct support hours amid a nationwide staffing shortage.

What is a SMART Home?

A Smart Home is a house designed with integrated and person-centered technology, combine with Direct Support Professionals, that supports residents in completing activities of daily living and community involvement while also supporting health and safety.

Why do we need it?

This pilot will demonstrate how Smart Homes can provide high quality residential support services to increase autonomy, independence, and satisfaction for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Smart Home pilot reflects the realities of the severe workforce shortage by integrating readily available technology to expand the workforce and provides a career ladder for the Direct Support Profession.

How will this pilot impact the larger community?

The findings and success of this pilot project will have a significant impact on the community at large. Hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities and the providers that support their care could benefit as the model could be replicated. Smart Homes will add a much-needed innovative model to the service array in the system of care options for Michigan.

How can you help?

There are a number of ways you can get involved with our Smart Home Pilot! This includes:

  • Making a one time donation to the project.
    • Brick and mortar is an aspect of our pilot that is not currently funded.
    • We need your support to purchase the homes that will be outfitted with technology for our Smart Home pilot.
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    • Monthly givers are champions of our organization! Their gifts support the growth and sustainability of MOKA’s services by allowing the Development Team to direct dollars to be used where they are needed the most.
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  • Share this project with someone you know.
    • We would appreciate your support in sharing the news of this pilot project with people in the community who care!
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