Annual RePORTS

Success Stories

Success. Made possible.

At MOKA, we measure success individually.  Each individual determines their personal goals based on their own dreams and desires for the future.  MOKA is proud to have played a part in the illustrative stories below.

Delivering Food and Friendships

Over the past four years, groups of MOKA volunteers have been donating their time every week and last year delivered more than 3,500 meals to families.

Meet Dawn

Find out how Dawn, a woman who fiercely values her independence, met her goal of living independently by clicking below.

Meet Yolanda

Yolanda has always shown tenacity and enthusiasm in her approach to life, qualities, which led to her success in MOKA’s Skill Building program.

Love and Support Lead to First Words

Stephany and Jose accepted their children’s gifts and abilities as well as their challenges and proactively pursued answers and treatment.

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