Smart Home Pilot:
An Innovative Model Of Residential Care

MOKA has been in operation in the West Michigan for over 45 years, tirelessly working on new and inventive  ways for adults with disabilities to live their most independent and autonomous lives. We are currently piloting an innovative model for residential living that incorporates technology enabled supports to create a Smart Home. In other states, this model has demonstrated the capacity to increase independence for adults with disabilities as well as implements a more effective utilization of direct support hours in the midst of a nationwide staffing shortage.

What is a Smart Home?

A Smart Home is a house designed with integrated and person-centered technology, combine with Direct Support Professionals, that supports residents in completing activities of daily living and community involvement while also supporting health and safety. Learn more about how this new model of care will impact our community by reading our blog!

Will you invest in the innovative expansion of Residential Care at MOKA?

We need your financial support to purchase homes that will be retrofitted with technology for our Smart Home pilot.

We believe it takes partnerships to solve complex problems like the support professional workforce shortage.

 We are immensely grateful for our partners in this project!

Want to Get Involved?

We would love to connect on ways you can support our Smart Home Pilot. Please submit your information and someone from our team will be in touch!

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